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Can you connect to AS4837? The connection speed to China is very good!#171

I noticed that you have launched CN2 GIA products, but the price of CN2 GIA products has been on an upward trend, and the price/performance ratio is not high! CN2 GIA is a product of China Telecom, AS9929 is a product of China Unicom,AS9929 1M bandwidth price is 3.5-4 US dollars, GIA 1M bandwidth is about 4-6 US dollars! 9929 is 8 times more expensive than 4837,Due to the small number of users and low load of 9929, the network connection speed is about the same as GIA! But the problem with the 9929 is that the capacity is small, the network architecture is relatively old, and it often fails! The most cost-effective one is currently 4837!

2 years ago