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Optimzation for China Telecom or even all China Network#51

Dear managers:
There were some suggestions here for improving the connection speed and stability from the server provided by CloudCone to China mainland. However, they might not explain it so clearly. At this time I try to explain it much more clearly.

We can see clearly that the connnection from China mainland to Multacom is CN2GT (at lease). The packets in the connection will firstly transit to CHINANET Backbone entrance, the 202.97.. node, and then pass throught many 59.43.. nodes, the GIA nodes, which are the most essential nodes that can provide low latency and high stability even in the most congesting time in China. As a result, the connection to Multacom is always fast and perform well.

However, the connectivity from your servers in Multacom to China mainland become weird and confusing. Firstly, all connection to China Telecom will not pass throught any of GIA nodes. Hence the connectivity is slow and unstable even in the normal time. Wheras some of the connections to China Unicom can go into the GIA nodes which are mostly belong to China Telecom. This phenomenon proved that the Multacom have the ABILITY to route and distribute their links to GIA nodes. In addition, some routes really confused the users. For instance, the connection to China Telecom in Guangzhou seemed to transmit through China Unicom nodes(219.158..), which is truly a detour that increase the latency and slow down the whole connection.

To improve the connection quality of Chinese devs, a large group of your customers, I think there should be some methods to optimize those kind of strange backhaul. Increase the amount of nodes might help to improve the connection speed. But most imporantly things is to distribute the connection to the right nodes. That is, the connection to CT should be routed to CT’s nodes, especially the GIA nodes, while the CU connection obviously should be divided into CU nodes, which Quadranet has done before. Additionally, like BandwagonHost, the company can rent or build some cn2-gia links which mean all CT connections can pass throught GIA nodes, I believe If your company can think highly of those suggestions and make it better, not only your profit will be significantly increased but also your reputaion will surely be improved. This should be a double-win business.

*A benchmark for traceroute:

10 months ago

That’s a good idea, and I agree.I bought the CN2 GIA plan just launched, but my server didn’t route to CN2 GIA, I was really upset.

4 months ago

also looking for this since many customers there !

2 months ago