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Improve CDN#85

CDN Test

It is weird that you provide the CN2 GIA server,but your CDN is slow for China Telecom. This is a conflict problem. CN2 GIA is pointed to China Telecom.
By the way, after testing, in China, we can only resolve the HongKong node, which is good for China Mobile, but so slow for China Unicom and China Telecom because use traceroute i found my network route is China->Japan->HongKong. In your CDN map, I saw Seoul, South KoreaHanoi, VietnamTokyo, Japan, why i cannot use them ? Maybe something wrong with the anycast network(accuracy).
In Seoul, South Korea, i got新加坡
In Tokyo, Japan, i got中国香港
Yes, this is so strange!!! If cloudcone solve this problem, i think more and more customers will choose your service.
Please enhance your CDN network, Thanks!
PS: China Telecom(1st)、China Mobile(3rd)、China Unicom(2nd) are the main network providers in China

4 months ago